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We’re a premier coaching and training company dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to thrive.


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Behavioral Health
in Practice

At the heart of our strategy lies a dedicated team of Workplace Behavioral Health Experts, skilled in analyzing systems, diagnosing issues, and implementing strategies to improve the overall well-being of everyone involved. Our experience covers a vast range of workplace environments, from nimble startups to global corporations, giving us a broad perspective on the varied challenges businesses encounter. With a sharp focus on personal and professional development, we design and deliver customized programs that drive results.

In-Depth Behavioral

With a profound understanding of human behavior and organizational dynamics, we craft bespoke solutions to meet your unique challenges head-on. This insight is crucial for identifying the underlying issues that impact training and coaching effectiveness.

Tailored Strategies
for Success

Our specialized approach allows us to develop comprehensive strategies that are directly aligned with your business objectives. By addressing the core of your challenges, we ensure solutions that not only fit your needs but also promote sustainable growth and well-being.

Harmonious and
Productive Workplaces

Integrating considerations for mental health, employee well-being, and professional development, we devise training programs that contribute to a harmonious workplace environment. Our focus is on creating conditions that foster productivity and support your organizational goals.

Our methodology

Our Strategic Process for Building Stronger Leaders & Teams



Upon the first consultation, Athrú is focused on building a trusting working relationship with our clients. We understand that every organization and situation is unique, so we take the time to learn about you, your goals, and your people.



Athrú uses various tools to complete an in-depth needs assessment to identify the root cause of the issue presented.



Athrú creates a roadmap for success. This plan will outline all our identified services to address your concerns.  



Athrú implements training and coaching services to address your goals and walk you through every step of the process.



Athrú evaluates our progress along the way using a variety of evaluations, including learning evaluations, participant feedback, and knowledge tests.

Our team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Aoifa Donnell, CEO

Aoifa O’Donnell, a dynamic and visionary leader, founded Athrú, a prominent corporate training and development company. As the CEO, she orchestrates the delivery of cutting-edge training programs nationwide.
  • Passionate Problem Solver: Aoifa is committed to delivering top-quality business solutions that transform workplaces for local and national clients. She thrives on tackling complex challenges head-on, whether it’s enhancing employee well-being or optimizing organizational performance.
  • Champion of Employee Development: As a sought-after speaker, Aoifa crisscrosses the nation, shedding light on employee growth, psychological well-being, and behavioral health. Her insights resonate with HR professionals, executives, and frontline staff alike. She firmly believes that a well-trained workforce is the cornerstone of any thriving organization.
  • Director of Training Expertise: Aoifa previously served as the Director of Training at National EAP, Inc, and continued to honed her skills in the decades since designing and implementing comprehensive training programs. Her vision to grow training services has been steadily realized over the years, culminating in the launch of Athrú’s new brand.
  • Accolades and Impact: Aoifa graces the pages of prestigious publications like TIME, Long Island Business News, Pulse, Newsday, and HR Benefit News. Her accolades include the Long Island Business News’ Executive Circle Award, Top 40 under 40, and the Human Services/EAP Award from the Caron Foundation. She was also a finalist for the Athena Leadership Award, hosted by KPMG, Inc.
  • Community Engagement: Beyond her professional achievements, Aoifa remains deeply connected to her community. She holds several co-chair roles working to advance the needs of women in business and increased workplace performance and health awareness within the workplace. Aoifa currently serves on the Board of the National Behavioral Consortium, a non-profit association of Employee Assistance and Managed Behavioral Health innovators dedicated to improving employee well-being and setting the standards for workforce support.
Aoifa O’Donnell’s unwavering dedication continues to shape workplaces, empower individuals, and foster positive change at Athrú.

Erin McKown, LMSW

Erin McKown is the Director of Athrú, the distinguished Workplace Training and Coaching brand of National EAP, Inc. Holding a master’s degree from Fordham University and licensure as a Master Social worker in New York State, McKown brings over a decade of expertise to her role. With a proven track record in team building and program development across leadership and consulting spheres, she is a trusted partner for human resource professionals and corporate leaders alike. McKown’s collaborative approach is marked by the design of innovative professional development initiatives aimed at fostering employee engagement and catalyzing organizational advancement. Drawing on her background as a mental health therapist, she pioneers the creation of psychologically nurturing work environments and cultivates empathetic leadership within organizations.

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